About Me

"In contrast to other art, photography has an extraordinary ability. As the only one can stop the time. Volatile moments that will never be repeated. Find these moments and capture them, convey, that's what satisfies me. Tell the stories of ordinary people who would were lost under the weight of time."

"Photography is immediately reaction, communication."

Marcel Kolacek (1983) is Czech Award-Winning freelance photographer who focuses on black and white humanistic/street photography. Published in Czech and international magazines. His interest in photography has lasted for many years, and his interest is still bordering with obsession. He uses short lenses because believes that proximity transmits emotions. Among his incomparable legends belong Koudelka, Pedro Luis Raota, Scianna, Kratochvil, List, Bresson, Salgado, Riboud, Nachtwey, McCullin, García Rodero, Kyndrova, Sabine Weiss, Sally Mann and many others. Everyday life without a beautification, a life that is heavy, but also full of joy and understanding. That's what interests him and attracts him. Reality. Ordinary extraordinary people. Their lifes and moments. He loves cognition new cultures and mentalities, traveling is his passion. A new photo adventure leads to India.

"I believe in the goodness of people, we have to."

Marcel is also photographing nude. It's a totally different discipline, but his initial interest in photography was caused by Helmut Newton- so passion and enthusiasm for a female nude remained. Newton, Coigny, Penn, Hamilton and Jean-Francois Jonvelle are genius photographers for him in the nude category.

"Women's beauty is eternal. I want to capture it."



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